Polished cement is fast becoming the best no-wax Concrete Flooring material. Thanks to recent improvements in polishing equipment and techniques, contractors are now milling concrete floor surfaces, whether new or old, to a high-gloss end that never needs waxes or coatings. An element in the superior strength and performance of concrete, and it’s not thinking about why more retail, warehouse, and office facilities are opting for polished concrete flooring instead of marble, granite, tile, linoleum, or layered cement. Even homeowners are catching to the selling point of these clean, high-lustre floors, which is often stained to reproduce the appearance of the polished rock.

Because polishing is a multistep process, you can choose the level of sheen — from silk to high-gloss — that fulfils your maintenance and visual requirements. This flexibility makes polished concrete an ideal floor coverings material for a variety of applications.

This section offers a full overview of Polished Concrete Flooring, including benefits, design options, equipment requirements and maintenance needs.


Easy to Maintain.

Concrete flooring surfaces require very little care, a regular mop with hot soapy normal water could keep them clean, and every year sealing, and polishing will maintain its finish.


If you are renovating a preexisting cement slab for concrete flooring, you are limiting your intake of new materials, so while it might not exactly be green materials using existing materials is a lot more sustainable.

Low Cost.

Concrete flooring can offer a stylish, stylish surface finish which is a lot less expensive than traditional floor coverings. Moreover, itis, even more, cost useful if you are renovating a preexisting subfloor alternatively than laying a fresh one.


You will find few things in a home that can damage a concrete floor. Dog or cat claws slipped plates, high heel shoes and furniture hip and legs are unlikely to leave any markings at all.


Concrete is an advantageous construction material because of its durability and power, so with a little maintenance, there’s every chance your concrete floor will last for decades.


  • Despite it being cheap – much cheaper than luxurious carpeting or smooth wooden floors – modern concrete mixes are incredibly versatile and allow designers to set-up an endless array of textures, finishes and colours.
  • Any colour can be put together directly into the concrete before itis poured, but it may also be added later using an acid stain, dye or even waterproof latex paint.
  • The texture of bare concrete is often hard, but it could be made simple during unit installation, or an ornamental routine can be impressed before the concrete sets.
  • Once set up, concrete can be refined or oiled to provide a high standout, or etched for a tiled result.

You will learn the essential steps in the polishing process, the differences between wet and dried polishing, and the advantages of polished concrete compared with other floor materials including carpeting, wood, ceramic tile, natural stone, and vinyl tile. You can also find the common costs of refined cement and what factors affect the final price of putting in polished concrete flooring surfaces. Visit this site for more information : http://www.theflooringlady.com/