How to Rent Your Home to Vacationers

Are you fortunate enough to live in a resort area, mountain or beach town or large urban area? No doubt you’ve seen plenty of tourists as you’ve gone about your day. These tourists all need someplace to stay. An increasingly popular trend had become the rental of private homes for vacationers. This can result in a great source of income and may even allow you to take some of those dream vacations on your bucket list. Follow these recommendations from the property experts to prepare your home for rent to vacationing families.

The first step is to research homes available for rent in your area. This will give you an idea of pricing, availability and amenities. Be certain of the dates you’re able to rent home prior to listing it for rent. Know that you have secured a place to stay while your home is occupied. If you’re traveling while renting, ensure that there is a responsive and responsible local contact for the vacationers should any issues arise during their stay that need to be addressed immediately.

Be prepared to work hard both mentally and physically to prepare your home for rental. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the casual and very comfortable styles available from Buckle for those hours of manual labor you’ll be putting in to prepare your home.

The first step is to contact the company that insures your home. Are there restrictions in the policy for renters? Do you need to inform the carrier in advance? Make sure each of these issues is addressed to your satisfaction prior to placing your property up for rent.

Clean up the curb appeal and landscaping of your home. Trim the shrubs and lay fresh pine straw; paint the front door and address any deferred maintenance issues on the exterior. On the interior, rid closets and open spaces of clutter. Imagine you are renting this property – what would make you feel like it is your space for the week and what would make you feel like you’re invading someone else’s space? A fresh coat of paint on the interior walls, steam cleaning the floors and shinning the windows on the interior and exterior are all necessary to make the home attractive to vacationing families. Power clean the bathrooms and kitchen; ensure all cupboards and drawers are clean and free of debris .Families will need space to unpack.

Take photos of your home on the interior and exterior and list the amenities that are available. Upload these to a reputable home rental website and commit to promptly responding to all inquiries.